Sunday, April 11, 2010

It keeps moving on, only ahead!

Quite a few things happen in our lives in only few days. Small things really, when compared to the long lives that people live. Things small enough not to fill up a dedicated post. Here is a small compilation.

My last manager GC left for higher studies. After eleven long years, starting as a fresher, in the same organization, I suspect it was boredom that took him. But he was a great manager. You can tell that by the fact that I had about six months of peaceful time with him. He surely knew what he was talking about. At the farewell lunch he was wondering what to take from here. I offered myself. But he refused. Apparently he wanted to take only nice things from here. But I can be nice too, if paid well.

I am still hoping that I would get together with some of my friends that left for US of A.

Entire Polish leadership wiped away in a plane crash.

Then my manager’s manager’s manager left for god knows what. Knowing him, one could safely say he would make something out of his life outside of IT. The philosophical guy that he was, I for one would be surprised if he does not. One of his oft stated idea was “one has to be unfair to be fair”. I disagree, but that’s another post if I get around to it. I always wonder how close we would have been but for the quarterly ‘group name calling’ against me that used to happened in his office. Good luck RH. I believe that the nice guys are the ones that make it.

I still hope to go back to school.

A junior colleague and good friend SSM is quitting and joining his dream organization. Always knew that he is not cut for IT services. Soon I won’t get to see him every day.

Two gang-rapes in the city within a week. Thank fully not by the expats in the state, else it would have been carnage by the self styled local armies for protecting the local culture from bad influence from people from Bihar and UP.

A friend took time out of her super busy schedule to give me a guilt trip. I appreciate it, but there isn’t going to be another chance. This is it.

I moved to another building at work. This has super cold meeting rooms. I like to think that it’s a nice way of cutting down on all ready cold meetings.

A gay professor suspended by one of the most reputed universities in the country. For being gay. The guy died a few days later. We still don’t know if it was a suicide.

Seventy six paramilitary personnel butchered by the naxals. Guess this is the time for the State to unleash its power.

Last weekend on Bombay airport, a lady friend of mine remarked that I looked hot. Well dear, it must have been humid too. It’s not me, that’s how the climate in Bombay is.

So you see folks, life does move on. And we have tomorrow and the day after. And we still hope that it will be better with lesser plane crashes, no more people going away and lesser rapes. Of course I would want to be called hot, only in slightly cooler climes. Just to take care of the ambiguity.

By the way, the question was, “What is the most intriguing thing about life?” 


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