Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harbhajan Singh and Overworked Techies

Ok then, here is the first post. I mean the (real) first post.
Lately I have come across two things while going through various sites (that I keep shifting through). Let me tell you about them.

Harbhajan Singh
Those of you like Wikipedia or are addicted to it, will surely have noticed the featured articles on the main page. On September 17th 2009, Harbhajan Singh was the featured article. So whats the big deal, you may ask. No, there is none. Just that over the years, I have noticed that the featured articles are either (a) something from history, (b) something bizarre or (c) something novel. Having Harbhajan featured just confirmed (b) and (c). (a) will anyways get confirmed sooner or later. And all of a sudden I also started to notice that these articles at times are funny too.

Overworked Techies
Today I read it on TG Daily that “UK researchers have found that 35 percent of IT staff is working more than 48 hours a week and 7.3 percent work between 60 to 75 Hours.” No it’s not news for me. I have always been in that 7.3 bracket. Ok, to be fair to the world, I do get into the 35 percent at times in small stretches (I am writing this at work). This article is not what I want to talk about though. It’s one of the comments.
In the comments one of the guys says, he worked for a firm, with unpaid overtime in the contract. This guy thought the jobs are just not there. Anyways, in six months he could not take it anymore so he put the resume online, in two days, he was working across the street for 20K more (that is USD). And he is happy now. He says IT still has enough staffing needs to hire you and not make you sign a contract that declares you are sub-human. Ah, brings tears to the eyes, to see one of our kinds happy. For ever after? Well,not so fast buddy!
So here is the point of telling you this story. If you are inspired by it, and actually manage to switch to a job where you get to work like human. Just let me know how. Exact details, each step. Please I beg you.

I admire Mr. Harbhajan Singh. Just thought it was weird to find him in the featured article. If you know what I mean.

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