Sunday, November 15, 2009

You and I just live on

How many times you meet people you think you are so in synch with. There are those people whom you want to embrace and not let go ever. You think you will be friends forever, will stay close forever and will realize the common dreams together. In the pleasure of the company of the friends and the camaraderie and the common thoughts and so many other things, you tend to forget something so important. We are all different people. And what is not common will, more often than not, be bigger and more important than what is. Even for what is common, there are different backgrounds, different constraints and different conditions that one has to contend with to realize it.

So we part. Sometimes forever, sometimes for a long time and sometimes we part only to meet intermittently. And who is to blame? No one, really.

I leave you with this small poem. This is where the line in the description of this blog’s title comes from.  And I am truly jealous of you if you can see, talk, reach out to and touch people whom you want to, anytime you want to and every time you want to. You are lucky and blessed.

See that wave running
Running to the shore
Crash into its embrace
Like there's nothing more

See that shore waiting
Dry, waiting to be quenched
Soak the mighty wave in it
Let go through fists clenched

Together now and part
On and on, it goes on
So do arms on the clock
You and I just live on


tarana said...

It so happens that when we tend to accept people, we are more fascinated towards his/ her good qualities but as the friendship deepens you start seeing the other facets of the same person which you might have never imagined. But life teaches you new experiences every day and with new learnings you tend to compromise things and make the necessary changes if required. And you are definitely truely blessed when you can see and lay your head on the shoulder of the person whom you long for everytime you want ...

Anushree said...

Awsome... !!!

Rasha said...

All this compromise/adjustment(thou I do not like these words) can better come with a little space and a lot of understanding. Given the time and situational constraints, yes it is difficult to maintain every relation still is it not a pleasure to think about the good times together? However, since all "you and I" have learnt and accepted this aspect of life, a relationship may change its form...but it is there.

And here I join that particular jealous group :) :(


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