Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giving it back

A colleague did a scintillating performance in the youth festival organized by the local Indian association couple of weeks back.
Reacting to the video posted on facebook, an American colleague sulked that we did not invite him.
‘Indian people don’t invite Americans to Indian dance parties’, he said, ‘it’s bad, it’s almost racist’.
He could but did not take offence to my retort, ‘how do you like it now, white man’.
Good thing that we maintain a healthy balance of annoying each other. And of course three Indian people with music and time is a dance party. There's no invitation.

This is my first 100 word post. No, don't count the postscript. I will try to do it often, sometimes funny sometimes serious. It is fun. I will love it if you told me if you liked the idea.


Sudhanshu said...

Not inviting your colleagues is bad tall man....

Disguise said...

100 word posts are fun :)

Satya said...

invitation is viewed as penetration
that leads to humiliation :-)

Vibha said...

I liked the idea. And yes - i can relate to it this time :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh what an idea!! Very very good..... Doesn't make people read much.

Pratyush said...

Sudhanshu ji,
there is no invitation to indian dance parties. don't forget, we are the people who can dance to the tune of a power generator.

i second that.

if the dance senses are evolved enough (see reply to Sudhanshu for reference), no situation can be a humiliation.

Pratyush said...

Thanks! And yes - next time try to understand too. :-)

Yeah! I know. given the attention span of people now, this is fabulous. most of us have not read more than 100 words together anyway.
next is 55 words and then i will close this place down and move to twitter. or may be squeaker, if it comes by that time.

Kiran Hegde said...

Anna,I liked it - 100 words :-)

Pratyush said...

Requirements met, word to word :-).

yellidia ninu? my guess IL, US?

Rituparna said...

Nice one. They are very much like us but we all see each other throw glasses of judgement & assumptions ...


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